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by Sondra DeVincenzo on
My Peace of Mind

I trust her and my pets are happy when I come home!
I am very happy with Love Fur Life Pet Sitting. I have three dogs and a pond. She always sends me a text when she visits. When I come home my pets are happy and calm. She also waters my plants for me and accommodates any other requests that I have. If I need her last minute, she is always able to accommodate me. I like that she has back up plans in case any thing were to happen to her. I have met the Sitters who work for her. I appreciate that she always has them come out to meet the pets and myself before hand. She also always calls a couple of days after she to make sure everything is ok. I absolutely recommend her. Sondra DeVinecenzo

by Linda Mahoney on

Shelley is the most conscientious pet sitter there is. I never thought I'd find someone who is as fanatical about the safety, happiness, and well being of my pets as I am. Well, I did! I love that she is in contact w/ me every day and let's me know all is well. It just simply makes for a better vacation when I KNOW FOR SURE my babies are in the best of hands. She knows every little detail of my babies, what they like, don't like. Even my problem child, don't have to worry about her either. That's a first for me. Shelley absolutely adores them all and treats them w/ such love. Carol has also cared for my crew and she is such a gentle loving girl I know shelley must have hand picked her. Linda Mahoney

by Monica Nowell on
Shelley is the Best

I have been using Love Fur Life Pet Sitting for about 3.5 years. The level of service has been excellent. I have a dog and she comes by once a day, four times a week, to let him out and walk him. If I am traveling, she will come by about two times a day. She always keeps me updated about how my dog is feeling, she genuinely cares. Even if I am away on a weekend, or need her during a busy time, she always makes time for me and my sweet Diesel. I highly recommend her.
Monica Nowell

by Jacquie Slater on
Don't know What I'd do without them

'Shelley and her crew have been taking care of my baby Oscar since he was a younger dog, he is older now and has arthritis and is a big dog. Shelley has a huge amount of knowledge of Pet Health and care and she sends me all kinds of links to learn best ways to help my big boy, I really don't know what I would do without Love Fur Life, I don't know.

by Jill Richardson on
Best Pet Sitter Ever!

I can't tell you how incredibly happy I am with your service! And more importantly, my adorable Beagle does the happy dance every time you arrive. Thanks for being such a special part of our lives.