Services and Fees

Whatever your needs… whatever your pets’ needs… we will take care of your Pet’s and Home so you don’t have to worry!

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Vacation/Business Pet Sitting  Is offered 7 days a week 365 days per year for vacations, business trips, weekend excursions or anytime you will be away from your pets .
3o Minutes Visits
$18 for up to 2 cats, birds or any other small Pets
$20 for up to 2 dogs
$1 each additional Pet
It is only $3 extra for a 45 min Visit
Visits always include:
lots of playtime, outdoor exercise and walks for dogs…We love to walk if they do. 
Feeding, fresh water, poop scooping, litter box scooping, mail retrieved, trash/recycling taken care of, watering of plants, daily reports & check in’s & rotation of lights & blinds.  Plenty of One on One time, cuddling, pampering, and lots of  Belly rubs, Kitty Cat  Hugs, Species Appropriate Chats & Cuddles,  All of us are proficient in administering medication, including shots and what ever is needed, there is NOTHING we wouldn’t do if a Pet Needs it.
Mid Day/Afternoon/Evening Dog Walk/Mid Day Potty, Love & Attention Breaks
Pet Visits/Dog Walks
$20 for 30 minutes up to 2 dogs
$1.oo per additional dog.  
Only $3 extra for 45mins instead of 30mins
Provides your dog(s) with exercise, attention,stimulation, fresh water, and a potty break during your long work days, or day out. For Dog Walks our primary focus is a good brisk walk and playtime, so you return home to a happy healthy dog.   For dogs that need companionship and attention we dote on them and let them know how loved & special they are.
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Overnight PawJama Parties  
$75  We are happy to provide hours of loving care, staying the night in your home with your pets. Your babies will get lots of extra love and attention, snuggling and cuddles, an evening walk/potty break, a morning walk or outside playtime, and breakfast.  No extra charge for multiple pets.                                                                                                                 We recommend 1 or 2 day visits to complement overnights, to round out your pet’s perfect day of care.
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Pet Sitting by the Hour   We are happy to be able to offer Hourly Pet Sitting on a limited basis.   We will come to your home or Hotel and remain there to take care of your pet(s) whenever you need to be away for what ever reason you may wish us to.  $20 per hour with a Four Consecutive Hour minimum                                                                                                                                               Live-In Pet Sitting   The ultimate in pet pampering and Peace of Mind.   One of us will live at your home for the duration of your time away. This includes our overnight PawJama Party, and hours of loving care during the day, customized for your pets’ schedule and needs.  Our sitter will be at your home a majority of the day, ensuring your beloved pets get round the clock attention.  $125.00  per 24 hour period, all inclusive.

Pet Taxi and Shopping Service  It’s Our Job and our Pleasure to help you get your Pet to the groomer, vet, or trainer?   We will transport your pet wherever they need to go, so you don’t have to reschedule your busy day. We also provide shopping services to pick up pet food and supplies, medications from your vet, or whatever you and your critters need.                                                                                              $25 To and From the Vet or Groomers plus $12 per 30 min wait/ $25 for all other round trip errands