Med for Dog Enlarged Heart & Congestive Heart Failure Vetmedin

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I said I would report back on the Rimadyl for Arthritis and Vetmedin for Enlarged Heart my little Dog Murphey has been taking now for a month and a half.   Murphey was Diagnosed with both Enlarged Heart (Not now, hopefully never Congestive Heart Failure, but often a pre condition) and damage to his spine, disks causing pain and Arthritis.

Rimadyl         Murphey is prescribed it 1/2 a 25mg tab two times a day for Arthritis Pain and inflamed disks.   However as I mentioned in the last blog after researching potential Side Effects of Rimadyland I decided I did not wish to take such a risk at this time because, even though it makes him feel and act at least 5 years younger he is still ok without it (especially now with the Vetmedin) slower without the Rimdyl and sleeps more but is not in pain or unable to enjoy his day and time out in the yard he just can’t have long walks.   So instead of teh prescribed dose…..

I have been giving Murphey Rimadyl PRN aprox 3 to 4 times a week a few hours before we go for a long walk.   His behavior and stamina are amazing and he feels and acts fantastic I can tell he feels great and is able to manage the walk w myself and Our Pack and has a great deal of fun.   We do walk a bit slower than we would without him but he loves it and even runs ahead when previously he would drag behind as though he were 20 years old…With the Rimadyl he is skippy and happy and great.   I still that at this time Potential Side Effects are such that I choose to give it to him only 3 or 4 times a week especially as the Vetmedin prescribed at the same time as the Rimadyl for his Englarged Heart has helped so much also.

Vetmedin      As for the Med prescribed for his Enlarged Heart Vetmedin…It is working FANTASTICALLY…He feels much better and is much less sleepy than he was before starting the Med, his legs do not give out from under him and he is not wobbly, which he was before he took the Vetmedin.  He would get so tired before a symptom of a Heart in difficulty.

I read Online Research that once a dog is diagnosed with Enlarged Heart the Prognosis is 6 months or a little more.   I called my Vet frantically and she said that was the case before Vetmedin however now she has known many dogs on it to live years after such a diagnosis.   I am overjoyed.   I read also that it was controversial to give Vetmedin until the Diagnosis was Congestive Heart Failure however more and more it seems through tests and the experience of Vet’s and Pet Owners that it works Fantastically well as soon as the Heart is Enlarged.

I will keep you all up to date on Murpheys progress with these two Meds

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