I was recently prescribed Rimadyl for my aprox 9 year old small dog…he is a mix of unknown origin and weighs 15lb

He has had some what of a problem with his hind quarters however nothing super painful or debilitating,  he also has an enlarged heart which I think is the main cause of the lethargic symptoms he was exhibiting and for which he was prescribed two new Medications during the same visit.    The lab X-ray did show he had some fusing in two of his vertebrae so this was proof some thing was going on.

The 2nd day of treatment my baby was feeling so good it was like he was 10 years younger and was able to come on long walks with us, some thing he had been less and less able to do over the last few months.   I was absolutely over joyed.

I decided to read a little about Rimadyl before ordering more of it and was really concerned by my findings.

It seems there has been a great deal of Controversy with Rimadyl and its Side Effects one of which is Death.

There are a lot of opinions and a lot of speculation however Death has certainly been suffered by a large number of Dogs and heartbreak by their Human Loved ones.

I will not go into all the details, it is quite easy with a Google Search of “Is Rimadyl Safe” it will take some time to wade through the articles.

The main thing I wish to emphasize is that just as so many other Pet Parents reported, my Vet did not tell me any of this, in fact she told me Side Effects were minimal…Yes in some dogs they are,……except for the ones that Die.

So what I really wish to stress is RESEARCH RESEARCH RESEARCH Your PET’S MEDICATIONS….Don’t simply trust Vet’s even though we wish we could…

With today’s technology we can find information ourselves and empower our own decisions on the care of our beloved Pet’s…for goodness sake they live short enough lives as it is even in the best health as their life span is so short compared to what we would like it to be, we don’t need them endangered by mis information.

I discontinued the Rimadyl two X daily for my baby as even though he felt great I just chose, after research, not to take the chance.   He seems to be doing really well on the new Heart Medication he was given and that seems to be making him feel much better and less lethargic…I will report on that in a week or so.

What I have done and will likely continue to do is give him a Rimadyl PRN. a few hours before he and the rest of the Pack accompany me for a hike to the lake or River…on both occassions I did this he enjoyed it a lot and although not as springy and running ahead as when he was on two pills per day…he was able to keep up and enjoyed it a great deal.



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