BEWARE Rimadyl Chewable tablets can be DANGEROUS

It seems that the Rimadyl Chewable Tabs are flavored so well a great deal of dogs are getting into the bottle and are OVER DOSING on these chewable Tablets.     I was at the emergency Vet this Weekend with some Dogs who had done just that , gotten the Plastic bottle off of the Counter and chewed in open and comsuped 46 75mg Liver Flavor Chewable Rimadyl .   The Vets at the Hospital said they had 8 incidents that weekend and on a regular basis of dogs getting into these Liver Flavored Chewable.   Very Very Very TOXIC to the Kidneys and Liver of dogs.


Rimadyl is sold in tablets that are NOT flavored and are quite a bit less expensive OR be very very careful with the bottle of Flavored Chewable Rimadyl.


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